Our ultimate goal is to ensure young people are prepared to have meaningful, well-paid careers that leverage their talent and passion. We recognize that formal and informal education are essential to this, and that young people need exposure to diverse career paths. We also recognize that young people require a sense of safety, well-being, and support to meet their potential and that engaging in fun, stimulating activities enriches their experience. EOYDC works towards this overarching goal through a continuum of programming across four core programming areas:

  • Education: Teaching and exposing young people to ideas, concepts, and information to ensure they acquire the skills needed to complete their formal education, dramatically improving their chances of attaining a meaningful, well-paying career.
  • Careers: Providing direct career-readiness training, internships, and job placement so that participants are able to attain financial stability while building skills and gaining experience.
  • Arts: Providing opportunities for young people to develop creative skill sets, while offering exposure to career paths and networks in the visual and performing arts.
  • Wellness: Facilitating the overall well-being of youth through exercise and nutrition to ensure students are operating at maximum capacity when striving to achieve their goals, as well as exposure to careers in the health and athletic fields.

Cascading mentorship

EOYDC leverages a Cascading Mentorship framework whereby older youth are trained to support their peers and younger youth through mentorship, coaching, tutoring, and instruction.