EOYDC visualizes a community of empowered youth and young adults with the character, skills, and network to positively contribute to society.


The mission of EOYDC is to develop the social and leadership capacities of youth and young adults (ages 5-24) so that they achieve excellence in education, career, and service to their communities. Our mission is based on solid research which demonstrates that interventions that foster relationships with caring adults, and mastery of technical and social skills, can lead to increased well-being and civic engagement among youth from high-risk environments.

The East Oakland community has been hit particularly hard by the Coronavirus Pandemic. While many families have opted to keep their children at home, EOYDC recognized that a significant number of parents and caregivers need a safe place for their children to receive supervision, support, and resources. The following learning briefs summarize our COVID-19 responsive programming approach, outcomes, and lessons learned.

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