Black Futures Ball 2024

We’re back, with the third annual Black Futures Ball!!

Mark your calendar for August 3rd, 2024 because you won’t want to miss this. We know this is where everyone says “trust us,” but for real, trust us.

Last year we transported you to Black Galaxy 510: from East Oakland to Infinity and Beyond, and if you were there, you know we had a tiiime! Over 500 of you showed up adorned with beautiful clothes, hearts and spirits, and made that night truly unforgettable. This year we’re taking it even farther so get ready! It’s giving intergalactic. Futuristic. Celestial, even. The Black Futures Ball is a joyous celebration of the expansiveness and limitless nature of Blackness and the culture of Oakland. Visit the event page to learn more and get your tickets today! 


We’re looking for sponsors for the Black Futures Ball! For more information please send an inquiry with the subject line “BFB Sponsor” to