Art →

Programs centered around expressive communication celebrating diversity and promoting unity through dance, drawing, painting, music, murals and more. Remarkable youth accomplishments include developing the Public  Policy for Alameda County.

Education →

Programs geared to promote academic achievement and advancement - such as Pathway to College (PTC), the Homework Club and Preparation. PTC boasts 100% college acceptance and 96% rates with 50% of graduates returning to EOYDC as Alumni Mentors.

Jobs →

Programs designed to help young adults successfully enter and remain in the workforce - namely  Opportunities for Youth (JOY), Youth Leadership Training, and the Summer Cultural Enrichment Program (SCEP). JOY assists over 1,000 clients and has a placement rate of 70%.

Wellness →

Programs crafted to enhance the health and of our youth - through Health Education, Class and Sports including martial arts, basketball and track. EOYDC has developed nationally recognizable athletes and 98% of its Club members have gone on to college.