“Tomorrow holds few promises without promising youth… We owe them today; they will lead us tomorrow.”
Regina G. Jackson, Executive Director,

In May of 1973, the EAST OAKLAND CENTER (EOYDC) was founded by Robert B. Shetterly, former Chairman of the Board and CEO of The Clorox Company. His vision was of an urban center where young could grow and thrive. Since opening its’ door in 1978, the EOYDC has continued that legacy by becoming a national model for community-based nonprofit agencies.  We have continued to be dedicated to equipping youth and young adults (with special attention to those of East Oakland) with the skills, training, and values they need to become responsible citizens and to assume dynamic leadership positions. The Center has served more than 30,000 children, adolescents, young adults, and parents from East and throughout the City.  Our free comprehensive core programs Physical Development, After School Art, and Project J.O.Y. ( Opportunities for Youth), are coordinated to meet the clients’ emotional, physical, intellectual and economic needs.

In 1983 the East Oakland Foundation Board (EOYDCF) was created with the primary responsibility to raise money for the Center and provide fiscal oversight for the Endowment Fund. The 8-12 Foundation members are financial and management executives of Fortune 500 companies.  They are personally committed to reaching their goal of raising $16MM in endowment contributions.  When that goal is reached, the normal allocation of 5% of the accrued interest would cover the annual budget, which would preclude the need for additional fundraising programs.

The Center’s multi-functional facility is located in East ’s Elmhurst District, which of course makes this the primary service area. While we are continuously trying  to identify important opportunities to be “A Part of the Solution” for the youth living in this vital community, we welcome all of the Bay Areas’ youth and families to participate in the services and/or programs offered at the EOYDC. We offer an unforgettable, positive, and safe experience for the youth of Oakland.