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  • Dates: Mon/Tues/Wed/Fri
  • Time: 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
  • Notes: Mon/Fri in EOYDC gym, Tues/Wed on Laney Campus
The East Youth Development Center Track Club commits itself to the comprehensive development of the student-athlete.  In addition to physical development, EOYDC track promotes principles of character development within the framework of an abiding and broadened commitment to community.  Our track club has become a big part of the commitment that EOYDC has to the community we serve.A Look at the CoachOur volunteer coach, Curtis Taylor, is one of the Best Coaches In The Sport of track and field.  Coach Taylor supports his high school  with practice SAT tests to make sure that they are qualified to receive college scholarships.  Coach Taylor is not only a coach of running, but a teacher of life as well.  He is totally committed to his student-athletes; his dedication and love come through in everything that the team accomplishes.  His coaching philosophy is simple, if an individual works hard, he or she will be as successful, as their mind and body will allow.  Participate because you like/love the sport, not for what it can give you.  If you do this, success will follow. The club has athletes ranked nationally each year.  In keeping with our commitment to sound minds and bodies, all participants must maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average.  However, most student-athletes carry a 3.0 or better. There are approximately 32 participants on the track team, ranging in ages from 12 to 25.
The Training activities include: Weight Training, Running, Sprinting, Jumping Exercises, Speed Development Exercises, Flexibility and Coordination Exercises, and Skill Acquisition Exercises that are specific to each .The training begins in mid September and continues through mid August with major emphasis on the period between September and June.  General workout schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 4pm – 6pm and 10am –12pm on Saturdays.  The club meets at two different sites: here at the Center and the Laney College campus.The major events and competitions include: Simplot GamesNational Scholastic Indoor Championships, Golden West Invitational, USA Track And Field Junior And Senior Championships, and the USA Track And Field Junior Olympics.Participation in meets will be determined by performances and/or qualifying times.  The entire track club will not travel to all of the competitions.  The selection and final decision will be made by the coach.  Travel in some instances may require financial sponsorship especially in out of state meets.

Responsibility of Student-Athletes

  • To come to practice and competitions with the desire, dedication, and positive attitude to try and do the best you can at all times.
  • To be respectful and supportive of the coaching staff and fellow teammates.
  • To work hard in school and strive for excellence foremost in the classroom.
  • To be on time to practices, competitions, and other engagements related to EOYDC.
  • To participate in all of the fundraisers that help support EOYDC Track.

Responsibility of Parents

  • To support the coach and athletes and be appreciative of their efforts and generous in praise of their accomplishments.
  • To be respectful of the volunteer coaching staff and realize it is an extremely difficult to balance our time with many athletes.
  • Be patient, considerate, and set a good example for your child.
  • To pick up and transport children to and from meets and practices.
  • To participate in fundraising projects and to also identify any fundraising opportunities available to the track team.

Responsibility of Coaches

  • To be consistent in temperament so that the athletes will know what to expect.
  • To be fair, impartial, and consistent in matters relating to practice, competitions, rules, discipline, and rewards.
  • To show a sincere, personal interest in the student-athletes as individuals without becoming overly “familiar”.
  • To allow them as much individuality and self expression as possible, as long as the quality of their performance or the club is not compromised.
  • To make sure they always know in advance what we expect from them in the way of conduct and performance in the classroom, at practice, and at competitions.
  • To be encouraging and supportive of all of their efforts and accomplishments.
  • To use every opportunity to teach them how to be responsible and productive individuals on and off the track.

College Bound? Since it’s inception in 1993, Club Members (98%) have gone on to college. Many have received scholarships, partial or full, which has allowed them to pursue their scholastic as well as their athletic dreams. We believe that it’s safe to say that the mental discipline required on the athletic field carries over to the classroom and vise-a-versa.
Indoor Practice: EOYDC Gym Mon. and Fri. 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Outdoor Practice: Laney College campus Tues. and Wed. 4:00 to 6:00 pm


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