Invitational Tournaments

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    Basketball is the primary activity in the Physical Development Department because of our outstanding basketball facility, . We offer 6 different basketball programs to reach the needs of all youth.

    The first is 10 & Under Basketball available to girls and boys ages 6 and up. This focuses on very basic basketball skill development such as rules, stationary dribbling and games.

    Our Black Basketball League is available to girls and boys ages 14 through 17 years. This offers a more advanced skill development for who already possess basic skills and have the ability to perform under league guidelines. The league is for fun, however, is encouraged and rules are strictly enforced.

    Girls’ Basketball Clinic Girls ages 8 to 18.  Year-round clinic features HOYAS BASKETBALL, including: conditioning drills, ball handling drills, shooting drills, passing drills, fundamentals, zone defense, motion offense, basic rules, and advanced basketball techniques, games, and the HOYAS concepts.

    Basketball is back at EOYDC. Not only do we host two basketball tournaments each year, but we also participate in as many tournaments as we can. We host an in September. We also participate in AAU basketball as well as many local tournaments. Tournament basketball includes players of all ages from 10 and under to 18 and over.

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