• Posted on: May 28, 2011

Jamal Cole – Essay

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Having an is very beneficial in the long run; with out an education you would not be able to attain the amount of knowledge that you will need to provide a stable foundation for your future, therefore it is mandatory for a student to stay in school so they be successful in life and possibly have a positive influence on someone that perceives education as a hassle or a waste of time.

In high school, many recognize that in order for them to graduate they will have to stay focused in and outside of school to maintain their motivation to attend or a vocational program. Attending high school is very important especially if you want to have a career in adulthood. A career comes from years of focus on one major course that requires passion, endurance, and diligence.

You need to have passion in your course so your instructor will acknowledge that you are about your business and you have full interest in his/her lecture to obtain their knowledge. When you do not show your passion in a major that you are supposed to be interested in then you will not be able to adhere to any of the knowledge that you are supposed attain.

In addition, endurance is what all human beings need to withstand any hardship that comes in your direction. For instance, say you are supposed to go to school, but you faced an injury that makes it hard for you to go to each class, you use your endurance in to face the hard times and complete your daily task at school.

Moreover, you need to become diligent in class to show a teacher or instructor that you have the skills to stay focus and turn in your assignments on the deadline that was given to you. A lack of diligence in your class assignments will result in low grades, and dissatisfaction in your self.

In conclusion, you need to have passion, endurance and diligence in order to have good grades and a good career. Without passion, endurance and diligence, you will not achieve the real value of …and we all are familiar with the term, “Knowledge is power”.


Jamal B. Cole

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