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[Think China 2014] Day 8 | Tea Time and Temples

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July 14, 2014

Authors: Cameron Parker and Destin Colbert

This morning we had our first breakfast in Hangzhou, which was on the Wanxiang campus. The breakfast was probably the best I’ve had since we’ve been in China. Our morning activity and my special moment was when we were at the breakfast table and I spoke about my values. This really made me feel like a mature young adult. In the I will continue to display accountability and try and rub off on others. Also, because I am not perfect and have a lot of room for improvement; I am in fact constantly improving. Shakir chose the values “leadership” and “continuous improvement,” because he was often given responsibility and always rose to the occasion. Then the campus gave a short tour of the college. Imagine me taking international tours! We sat down in the pub in the library, where they served tea and coffee. We visited the beautiful library and dormitories of the campus. What made the library so great were the prototypes that were displayed showing the ingenuity that the students have. The architecture of the campus in general had an older tone to it, which was appealing to me. We also had the opportunity to see Amanda’s major, Urban Planning, in person. We saw a prototype of the railway system in Hangzhou, which is controlled through computers just like an actual life-size train. We concluded our campus tour by attending a tea performance, which was an elegant demonstration on how to prepare tea. After being instructed on the multiple steps of pouring tea, I had the opportunity to demonstrate for the delegation. I had a great time and look forward to hosting a tea party for my family.

            We then went to lunch, which was held at the hotel as well. During our discussion we talked about virtues. We talked about our top five virtues and which ones we perform now and which ones we hope to perform in the future. My virtue was “loyalty” because I believe that I am honest and reliable.

            After lunch we visited the Lingyin Buddhist Temple. There were many trees and it rained all day. The weather was still hot and the sightseeing was absolutely beautiful. My favorite part though was our second site visit at the Leifeng Pagoda, which was one of the most beautiful structures I had ever seen. It was originally constructed in AD 975 but got attacked several times. The original base was underneath the new Pagoda, but even being in the presence and paying my respects to the original Pagoda will surely be a life-long memory. It was great to be on top of the 8-sided masterpiece of architecture. I loved looking into the lake and thinking about what it took to get here, what it took to be a part of such a great delegation and what it took to be at the top of the Pagoda.

            When we were done with the tours we headed back to the hotel for dinner. We then proceeded to do our laundry, which didn’t end very well as my clothes were held hostage for the night.

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