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[Think China 2014] Day 11 | It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye… to Our Friends in Hangzhou

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July 17, 2014

Authors: Jackson Davis, Joshua Atkins, and Joshua Lee

I love being around people. I love visiting new places, traveling abroad and learning new cultures. I cant wait to take my children to one day! Today was very fun. We didn’t go anywhere today but we had lots of work to do. We worked on the board the ambassadors gave us. We also did a couple surveys. I answered all of them honestly. I really thought this week was the best week of the trip. After the surveys we chilled for a while.

During our farewell dinner, we made presentations highlighting the lessons that impacted us most. We shared a poetic rap that was developed on one of our many bus rides. Kyle, one of the mentors, gave a farewell greeting on behalf of our group, completely in Mandarin. We were very proud! We received certificates from our hosts at Hangzhou Polytechnic University and we gave out cinchpacks in appreciation for the excellent cultural, academic and friendly exchange we enjoyed.  The dinner was fun. I was kind of sad because they played a very moving power point showing all the magic moments we shared over the past week. Pen, our chaperone put together a  which was awesome; it was shot really well. Today I felt a sense of family. We all came together to make something which was very nice. It was really fun and I felt good about myself.

We took the concept of “selfies with others” to a whole new level. We closed by learning a famous Chinese dance called Shao Ping Guo, and then we showed them how we do it in Oakland. It took more teamwork than most dances. We were Americans and Chinese moving together. After our concluded we went back to our campus classroom to finish decorating the Think board which was hanging in the hallway. The board was decorated so that we could leave pictures and messages from out trip that school students and future delegations could learn from. We wanted to leave a little of behind!

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