• Posted on: April 26, 2012

Teen Talk

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EOYDC offers two opportunities for teens to discuss timely topics in a safe and nurturing environment. It is divided into two sessions one for girls and one for boys.  Sessions for each are held weekly and are lead by peers and near-peers.

Something to Talk About- a teen talk session for teen age girls ages 12-17. Held once weekly, girls are led by college students and “near peers” to discuss whatever is on their minds. Youth are able to share in a safe and nurturing environment. This program provides character development training,information, education and cultural exposure, such that young ladies can learn to make positive choices which will help them grow into successful, intelligent young women.

STRETCH( Straight Talk about Respect, Excellence, Temperment, Character and Healing) a teen talk session for boys ages 12-17.  Led by college students and “near peers”, young men meet weekly to engage, ask questions and learn about how to manager anger, make positive choices and develop self esteem.

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