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How To Create A Resume, Cover letter, And Reference Sheet

When constructing a resume you must identify the target (better known as career objective/goal).  The job target lays the foundation for the skills, history, education, /certificates, clubs/organizations, and hobbies that are specific to the job applied for; and let the employer know how you could perform the job.


  • Employers are looking for who know what they want
  • A professional resume (updated, typed, with no grammatical errors and typos) sets you apart from other applicants who don’t have one
  • A resume should always have a good cover letter

Cover Letter
When a good cover letter it should be addressed properly (name/title) to the person hiring, it should be brief, not exceed more than two paragraphs, it should include the position you are applying for, and it should include specific skills that relate to the job.  Include any knowledge of the company, identify a unique skill or talent that sets you apart from other applicants, avoid generic phrases such as “seeking a position with a company for employment”, and always include current contact information.


  • Think of the cover letter as a short personal letter to the person who will receive your resume
  • A cover letter is an additional opportunity to grab the employers attention
  • Not all positions require a cover letter however, when you provide one it’s impressive.

Reference Sheet
A good reference is someone that you have known at least a year, not related to you (friend, pastor, co-worker, teacher, etc.), and someone who has witnessed and or knows of your abilities, skills, and character.  Before using your reference you must ask permission.  Be sure that they will give you a good reference and discuss in detail what information you would like for them to share about you.  A reference sheet should consist of at least three references with their full name, address, phone number, occupation, and what relationship to you.

Tip: A good reference in most case can be the determining factor for hiring you.