• Posted on: August 28, 2017

Summer Cultural Enrichment Program

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You might find water missiles firing off in the parking lots, or high energy dancing, creative or focused in the Ipad lab. These are the kinds of programs that we offer during our 6 week youth leadership program, Youth are engaged in all aspects of the program. This year we  added two new classes: Creative Expressions and Imagination Lab. All classes are taught entirely by youth instructors. More than 200 students participated. We also have a plethora of field trips every Friday for the youth to enjoy and to be exposed to different opportunities. Trips to the ExploratoriumAlameda County Fair and the Monterey Bay Aquarium are just some of the favorite outings. This our theme was “All Around the World” which ties into everyone having the opportunity to venture off and learn new things regarding  different cultures that takes place in the world. Overall, the 2017 Summer was a great 6 week adventure. Collectively, every life was effected in a positive way. Special Thanks to Pam Moore and  Oakland Fund for Children and Youth,. Thanks also to our families for supporting “youth led” programming at EOYDC.

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