• Posted on: May 13, 2011

S.C.E.P. Assistant Director Program

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  • At least 3.0 GPA
  • Extensive knowledge of ALL aspects of the S.C.E.P.


  • Train Administrative Director, Instructors, Youth Instructor Assistants, and Youth Leaders (full-time, interns, and volunteers)
  • Help develop new programs, ideas, and/or for the S.C.E.P.
  • Find and implement ways to improve all aspects of the S.C.E.P.
  • Provide support for all staff (S.C.E.P. and year-round)
  • Provide recommendations for hiring and firing of
  • Be integral to the day-to-day operations
  • Work on grants or other fundraising opportunities
  • Help market the S.C.E.P. to ensure full enrollment
  • Assist Director in creating the Yearbook and Talent Show/Parent Night slideshow
  • Keep S.C.E.P. office clean
  • Ensure all S.C.E.P. staff members a provided with the supplies they need
  • Solve conflict management issues between program participants
  • Contact about any issues or concerns regarding their children
  • Assist Director in solving conflict management issues between staff members
  • Be able to act as the chief resource or spokesperson of the S.C.E.P. when needed
  • Interact with staff and program participants
  • Model character attributes to all participants

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