• Posted on: May 13, 2011

Assistant Directors

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Thoughts from Past Assistant Directors

The leadership program at reserves a special post each year for a student that exemplifies the highest values, and standards  of the S.C.E.P and reports directly to the program director. Following are a few comments from some of the past assistance directors.

Landon Hill-Age17, former Assistant S.C.E.P Program Director

This summer, while the program was still very fun and fulfilling, I found it more challenging than last summer. It seemed like we (the Directorial Staff) dealt more directly with this summer. It seemed as if we had to address many more   issues than we did last year. It really gave us a chance to show that although we are young, we are still capable of running a successful program and handling any challenges that arose in a civilized and mature manner.

The Leaders brought a different kind of energy this year. They all seemed to be curious and ready to learn about EOYDC. Those that had been here before were able to show the newcomers how the center operated. Those that were new seemed to pick up fast and were anxious to learn more. It was great being able to watch them mature as Youth Leaders and form relationships with them along the way.

I always enjoy working for the Cultural Enrichment Program. It always brings forth new challenges and experiences that I may not have gotten otherwise. I really enjoyed working with Janiece and Brittany. We all worked well together. I would like to thank Brittany and Ms. Regina for giving me this opportunity for the second time and allowing me to grow as part of the Directorial Staff.


Janiece Clark-Age18, former Assistant S.C.E.P Program Director

The program this year made a significant impact on my life. I had already been a part of the summer program for the past three years, but none of the years even came close to this year. In previous years, all I had to do was follow directions that the Directorial Staff gave to me, or just plan lessons for the computer class. However, this year I was one of the people giving directions to others, making decisions that I was used to having someone else make. It was different than what I was used to, and I’m thankful for the opportunity.

The Leaders this year helped make the program what it was. Many of them put their heart and soul into this job, and I appreciate all of the hard work that they put in. Every week there were Leaders that did outstanding jobs and were recognized for it. I was really close to some of the Youth Leaders, and I had been a Youth Leader with some of them. I appreciate the fact that those Youth Leaders who had been there with me since the beginning were still there to support me, and the new Youth Leaders who did the same. Every single Youth Leader contributed to my growth in one way or another.

The Youth Instructors this year were amazing! I was impressed by the quality of work that many of them displayed. I think the participants learn more and more each year, and the Instructors do a great job bringing new and innovative ideas to the program. Their hard work was greatly appreciated.

This summer, I grew as an individual and as a leader through the guidance of Ms. Regina and the other members of the Directorial Staff. I appreciate all of the help that they provided to me in this position that was very new to me. I hope to be able to have the same opportunity next year.

S.C.E.P. Assistant Director Program

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