• Posted on: June 10, 1995

Morrie Turner – Creator of Wee Pals

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“Expressing yourself to the energy and inquiring minds of the boys and girls at the East Oakland Center turns out to be an awakening of your own faith and spirit and belief in the future.”

Oakland native and nationally syndicated cartoon artist Morrie Turner of the famed “Wee Pals” comic strip launched the first in a series of exhibitions at on June 10, 1995.

Turner began cartoons in the fifth grade and created the “wee Pals” comic strip in 1965 as a way of bring black characters to the comic pages. His goal was no easy task and the characters did not receive full syndication until three years later after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Within 90 days of King’s death, “Wee Pals” was appearing in over 100 newspapers nationwide. Turner is also a published author with sales over a half million, has 25 million daily readers throughout the United States and enjoys prominence in several international locales including: Brazil, Jamaica, the Philippines and Africa. This dedicated supporter is no stranger to in-kind contributions. Turner’s recognizable images have been used by many non-profit organizations, including EOYDC, through his generosity to help others.

His impressionable skill combined with a message of and rainbow power through artistic renderings was the first in a series of classes and exhibits for East Oakland youth.

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