• Posted on: May 24, 2010

Invitational Tournaments

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1st Place: The Pirates
2nd Place: One Nation
3rd Place: The Bulldogs

Most Valuable Player: Delvoughn Nesby (The Pirates)

’s All Team: Clarence Brown (Mind Elevation), Kevin Clerkley (Hayward Kings),  A.J. Smith (Hayward Kings), Romel Styles (One Nation), Levern Johnson (One Nation), Myzel Waters (DBC Tigers),  Malique Crimes (DBC Tigers), Tion Lofton (Eastlake Panthers), Damon Jones (Bulldogs), Tobioas Royal (Bulldogs), Amed Ali (The Pirates), Jermaine Gaines (The Pirates)

Academic Achievement: Denzel Lofton 3.5 GPA (Eastlake Panthers)

Sportsmanship Award: Brent Bell  (EOYDC)

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