• Posted on: April 29, 2011

In Their Opinion

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Hector Montano, Age 9

“I took this class because I want to know how to cook.  That way I can help my Mom.  She wanted me to learn to make cakes and her favorite dish is burritos.”

Chalise Chisholm, Age 16

“I wanted to cook because later in life I won’t have to depend on anyone else.  I learned how to make different foods like lasagna. My favorite dishes are pizza, tacos, hamburgers, and fries.”

Shante Yarbrough, Age 16

“Learning to cook is important because when you’re at home alone you need to be able to cook for yourself.  I liked to be able to cook for myself.  I like the class because it’s fun and I’ve taken field trips and you learn to cook different dishes.”

Ronnie Yarbrough, Age 14

“I learned to make dishes that were quick and easy.  I like the teachers and the field trips the most.”

Jasmine Knowles, Age 14

“The class taught me how to make different dishes.  I enjoyed the field trips to the markets.  When I am grown up and have kids I will know how to cook.

LaToya Yarbrough, Age 19

“The class taught me different things to cook and that was fun.  Our teachers know a lot about nutrition and healthy cooking.”

Macio Jones, Age 11

“The meals we made were very good.  I really like the meals.  I can cook so now I won’t have to go hungry.”

Sommang Chan, Age 16

“The class taught me different kinds of dishes to make.  The trip to the California Culinary Academy was good. I like the cakes they made.”

Jason Simon, Age 19

“The class taught me a lot about cooking, how to shop for healthy foods, how to read and follow menus.  It also taught me that cooking is fun!”

Moun Boramey, Age 16

“I learned how to make many new dishes.  I had fun on the field trips.  Now I cook for myself.”

Sopath Mey, Age 15

“I wanted to take this class so that in the future I will know how to cook.  I like the class because the teacher was good and I learned new foods to cook.”

Dana Turner, Age 19

“It is important to learn to cook so that if you are by yourself, you can at least feed yourself.  I like pastries and Chinese foods.”

Antoine Aaron, Age 15

“I took the class because I wanted to be a better cook.  Hopefully, my mom will let me cook now.  Also if she is sick or on vacation I can cook for her.”

Andre Simon, Age 16

“I was in the first classes and I learned a lot about safety, utensils and spices and other things.  The field trips were a lot of fun and oh yeah, I liked eating meals we made during the class too.”

Sharon Jenkins, Age 12

“The class was very good and I liked how we put different foods together.  My favorite meal that we made was fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, shrimp scaloppini and breakfast foods.”

Stephanie Avila, Age 10

” The class was fun and I like to cook.  My favorite meal was tamales.  I liked wearing the chef  uniforms during class.  The teacher is very nice and helpful.”

Christine Jenkins, Age 10

“I like to learn to cook.  I learned how to tenderize meats and how to thaw it out, how and when to cook it.  I like the way we learned to season food.  The chef was very nice.”

Kevin Davenport, Age 9

“The class was very good.  I learned to make different kinds of foods.  My favorite was Cordon Bleu.”

Xochilt Parangueo, Age 8

class to learn to cook and to have fun.  I go to cooking class it is fun to cook but you have to learn to not play with fire,  I know how to cook good food.  I class it is one of my best classes ever.”

Brandy Swisher, Age 13

“Cooking class is a good thing to put out for a program. I learned a lot of things; especially the right way to measure out your ingredients before you make something. One time we got to make some stuff for Ms. and the staff. It was a hard and a whole lot of work because we had to make everything really nice.

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