• Posted on: May 13, 2011


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Brittany Harris-Age 20, former S.C.E.P Program Director

Brittany HarrisIt’s hard to believe that the summer is already over. It seems like it was just yesterday when I was price comparing bus companies and field trips and organizing the Leader training. I came in this summer thinking that I would be fully prepared because of my prior experience with the program, but I soon found out that I was mistaken. This summer presented new challenges and situations that allowed me to grow and mature as a leader.

This summer allowed me to blossom in ways that I had never imagined. I learned to be more confident in my decisions and also learned a lot about management, which I know will be helpful throughout my life.

The Leaders this summer were amazing!  After interviewing close to 60 young people and only hiring 28, I knew that this bunch was a special one. The consistent dedication and compassion that they displayed towards the participants was incredible. It was astounding to watch how so many lives were changed over the course of six weeks, which was evident at our S.C.E.P Farewell. Watching children shed tears while giving accounts of how much they enjoyed their summer was unbelievable. Thank you to the for making this summer such a memorable one for the participants.

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge all of the tireless efforts put forth by my two Assistant Directors, and Janiece. They made this summer so much easier for me by always being accountable and reliable. I knew that if I ever needed something done, they would always have my back.  Lastly, I must thank Ms. Jackson, for allowing me to serve as SCEP Director for two consecutive summers. I do not know of any other place that entrusts such a responsibility to a person at such a young age. Over the past several years, Ms. Regina has helped me to grow by forcing me to step away from the shy person that I normally am and encouraging me to speak up and speak out. I appreciate all of her support and guidance throughout my time at EOYDC. I must say, this was a summer well spent!

S.C.E.P. Program Director

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