• Posted on: May 19, 2011

Clorox Mural

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Healthy Living Murals

The following murals, requested by the Company, and are currently on display at their international corporate headquarters in California. The murals were designed to highlight some of the healthy living activities promoted by

and included in the programs.

Sharing Healthy Foods”“Plant Gardens/Grow Your Own”Instructor: Joanne LudwigArtists: Kinria Pickeral 14, Tiesha Green 13, Jacqueline Flores 7, Brittany McBride 12, Esperanza Reyes 6, Mia Stevenson 18, Donald Pollard 9, Donzaniyah Pitre 15, Kimoni Pitre 15, Richard Moses 17, Magana 21. Volunteer: Jaga Neuman

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