• Posted on: May 13, 2011

Being A Youth Leader?

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Being A Leader Means…

( Leaders thoughts)

Have you ever thought about leading kids in the right direction? If so, you might want to tighten your seat belt because this is a big roller coaster filled with responsibilities that can affect a child’s life forever. This takes a whole lot of motivation and leadership skills. A Leader is someone who motivates and inspires young people to become what they want to be in life. should show integrity through their actions and demonstrate good character. You must also demonstrate reliability, responsibility, honesty, and leadership at all times.
—Jhavier Curry

A Leader is not only a job position, but a lifestyle. In order to become ready for this job, you must have certain characteristics and qualities that make you stand out from the crowd. An individual must be ready for any situation and know how to handle it in a mature and calm manner. Stamina is essential to any Youth Leader’s path to achieving their goal. There is no such thing as being a part time Youth Leader. You either have to go big or go home! I love my title because I enjoy the work that I’m doing and people appreciate the positive contribution that I’m making to my community.
—Deidre Wright

When I first heard of the job, I thought I would just be babysitting, but I was all wrong. This job is way more than that. You have to be very active and play with the children while supervising at the same time. You have to be able to form relationships with the children but still be able to discipline when necessary. You have to come to work ready for any obstacle and you must be able to handle any conflict in a positive way.
Ibn Cannon

Being a Leader means that we must accept responsibility and remember that we are always setting an example for the kids. We must show leadership wherever we go. We must be honest, respectful, and reliable. The biggest goal of a Youth Leader is to show the participants love and then help to build a foundation that will help the children forever.
— Justin Martin

A Leader is a person who takes care of their responsibilities and enjoys working with children. don’t follow what other people do. Youth Leaders have to have patience and great personalities. In order to be a Youth Leader, you have to want to be a Youth Leader. You must be ready for the challenges that lay ahead of you each day. A Youth Leader must show integrity and must be a great role model for kids as well as adults. Being a Youth Leader is difficult, but if you have patience and enjoy being around kids, its fun.

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