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Ashlee Wood Essay

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Ashlee Wood
November 9, 2010
PTC Tour

Washington D.C 2010

Recently I was honored by being allowed to go on the Pathway to tour to Washington D.C our nations capital. Myself, Ms. and the rest of the students honored to go, spent six fun fulfilled and educational days in D.C. We not only visited colleges we also, went to national monuments and important U.S buildings. We also had the chance to meet with important U.S officials, and EOYDC alumni. This trip helped me put my into perspective; it made me think about my and career choices.  Everyday was a challenge in D.C but waking up at the crack of dawn and walking miles everyday was worth it, this trip might have been the best thing that has happened to me, thanks to Ms. Regina, the pathway to college group at EOYDC and to Southwest Airlines

On Tuesday October 26,2010, myself, Ms.Regina, and several other Pathway To students ventured   to Washington D.C. We arrived to Oakland international airport early in the morning to depart from Oakland and to arrive at BWI at 8 pm.  After getting off the plane we first caught the bus, which was a challenge because we did not know where we were going. After the bus we encountered the metro, which would become our best friend. The metro took right to our hotel where we finally rested.

On Wednesday morning we woke up bright and early to put on our dressy attire  and, go to the White House.  Before we went to the White House we were interviewed by the Washington correspondent for KTVU. We entered the White House and looked at the many pictures and visited the blue room, the green room and the red room.  While there we learned many facts about the White House and about the people who worked there. Before leaving the White House we met Mr. Cameron Moody. the director of Administration at the White House. He told about his many renovations plans for the White House and about his work at the Democratic convention in 2008. After meeting with Mr. Moody we had a campus visit to EOYDC alumni, Dalvin Butler at Georgetown University. On our way to Georgetown we hit torrential downpour. I’ve never seen so much rain in my life. It was the worst thing ever, but it did not ruin the trip. At Georgetown, Dalvin took us around the halls and showed us the student center; Georgetown has a beautiful campus, even in the rain.

After leaving Georgetown we met with an EOYDC student, one of my good friends Domine Ezechukwu, who is a Congressional Page in the Nation’s Capitol. Domine took around the capitol building. After meeting with Domine we went to meet with Ambassador Ronald Kirk, United States Trade Representative. Sadly he was called away so we met with someone who worked closely with him, David Apol. He informed us about Trade and the Economy, and he told us how he got his start in Washington.

That night we went to a beautiful restaurant named Eatonville. The restaurant was dedicated to the memories of authors Zhora Neal Hurston and Langston Hughes.

Thursday morning we visited World Bank; World Bank is an organization that helps undeveloped countries. At World Bank we met with Kazuki Itaya who introduced to Eric Chinje who worked as a global media manager at World Bank. He talked a lot about the news all around the world. We also met a woman of the name Bertha, she has one of the most important jobs at World Bank. She is an Archives Manager, and manages all the history at world  bank which is very exciting. Next we went to the Bureau of printing and engraving. While there we met Rosie Rios the Treasurer of the United States. She was very kind, she spoke this us about her upbringing  in Alameda county and how she became involved in politics. While at the bureau we got to walk on the factory floor where money was made. It was exciting to see the money we all use every day being made. After leaving the bureau, we went on a walking tour to the Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln memorial, three beautiful monuments.

Friday morning we went to George Washington University and had a campus tour. We had a Tour guide named Oscar and he was really funny. The campus was beautiful and the school seems like a great environment to be in. after leaving George Washington we went to Howard University for a campus tour. We went to Howard for a campus tour but their homecoming was going on so it was challenging to get around there. We went to the School of Education and met with Dr. Marilyn Irving and she told a lot of information about Howard. They encouraged us to apply. After leaving Howard we went to have dinner with an EOYDC alumni, Cara Brown who attended Howard and graduated in 2004. She told us about her experiences at Howard and how it’s helped her in the world today. We also visited an art gallery she owned. Saturday was a day full of fun we went shopping at Georgetown park mall for hours. Later we went to the Howard University homecoming which was very exciting. I enjoyed watching the bands, sadly Howard lost that game. Sunday we spent all day in the airport on our way home but it gave me time to reflect on my trip.

Being able to go to D.C was a blessing. Being able to visit the colleges and meet important U.S officials was a great experience, I’m glad I was picked to go. After going on this trip next year around this time I will be attending Howard University, majoring in nursing.  This tour put a lot of things into perspective for me. Everyday was a challenge in D.C but waking up at the crack of dawn and walking miles every day was worth it. This trip might have been the best thing that has happened to me, thanks to Ms. Regina, the pathway to college group at EOYDC and to Southwest Airlines.

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