• Posted on: July 1, 2011

Alejandra Paredes (2011 NY College Tour)

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June 16, 2011

I participated on the New York and college tours. When I gave the to my that I was chosen to attend a New York college tour they were shocked and excited for me because of the opportunity that was given to me. There were anxious for me to travel outside the state and travel to beautiful places like New York and Washington. My parents were very thankful with Ms. Regina and with the center because among our society there are still organizations like that supports and helps the by given them a broader view of different colleges and education. My were mainly amazed because it was going to be my first time to travel in an airplane. When I was chosen for the second time for the college tour my were proud of me once again because I was chosen for my hard work and my dedication at the center. They were proud to have a daughter that was accomplishing great things in life. My parents would always be thankful to because thanks to these two college tours I’m a young woman with knowledge and experience. I’m a Latina student that is pushing herself to stay in college and be successful.

-Alejandra Paredes

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