• Posted on: May 13, 2008

12th Annual Invitational Gary Payton Basketball Tournament

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1st Place: Lady Dragons
2nd Place: Lady Panthers
3rd Place: Lady I Fly


Most Valuable Player: Alexis Bostic (Lady Dragons)

’s All Team: Elisha Davis (Lady Ballaz), Sharleen Battle (Lady Ballaz),Ashlee Strickland (Lady Eagles), Daniele Keenan (Lady Dragons), Robie Mayberry (Lady Dragons),Tina Guierra (Lady Dragons), Daniele Mavioun (Lady Panthers), Cody Simms (Lady Panthers), Shanie Ubolden (Lady Panthers), Stephanie Johnson (Lady I Fly)

Academic Achievement: Eliza 4.2 GPA (Lady Dragons)

Sportsmanship Award: Elisha Davis (Lady Ballaz)


1st Place: The Knights
2nd Place: The Bulldogs
3rd Place: The Pride


Most Valuable Player: Omari Evans (Knights)

’s All Team: Nario Simon (Panthers), Jabari Brown (Pride), Desmond Simmons (Pride)James Davis (Bulldogs), Kyan Moore (Bulldogs), Tobias Royal (Bulldogs), Richard Boston (3D), Garrett Bonner (3D)

Academic Achievement: Chris Perrin 3.5 GPA (Panthers)

Sportsmanship Award: Freeman Griffith (Knights)

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