• Posted on: May 13, 2004

2004 – 8th Annual Basketball Tournament

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1st Place: Lady Knights
2nd Place: Lady Wolverines
3rd Place: Lady Bulldogs


Most Valuable Player: Florence Wilson (Lady Knights)

’s All Tournament Team: Leah Manning (Lady Bulldogs), Ashley Skilman (Lady Wolverines), Ashley Garcia (Lady Wolverines), Natalia Caraballo (Lady Pilots), Flo Owen (Lady Phenoms), Shauna Holmes (Lady Knights), Kiosha Phelps (Lady Knights), Stevenson (Lady Knights)

Academic Achievement: Alexis Lawson 3.65 GPA (Lady Bulldogs)

Sportsmanship Award: Jessica Samiere (Lady Wolverines)


1st Place: Wolverines
2nd Place: Phenoms
3rd Place: Hi-Five


Most Valuable Player: Charles Prescott (Wolverines)

’s All Tournament Team: Derrick Moeby (Knights), Matt Peterson (Wolverines), Walter Duarte (Wolverines), Chris Bush (Phenoms), Justin Holmes (Phenoms), Larry Arganis  (Phenoms) Daron Sims (Hi-Five), Matt Simpkins (Hi-Five)

Academic Achievement: Nitoto   3.7 GPA   (Hi-Fives)

Sportsmanship Award: Tara Jordan (Knights)

One of the highlights of the tournament came at the end of the final game, when we held our All Comers Dunk Contest.  Fans and players were allowed to participate in this highflying event. The young man who captured the glory was a last minute entry, won with an astounding dunk that drove his peers and fans crazy.

Dunk Contest Winner: Chaize McKenney

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