• Posted on: May 3, 2011

Selena Wilson

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I would like to start this  letter by saying thank you. I would like to thank and of all of the here for being so loving to me.

Yesterday, I met a girl who was what most call a drifter. She doesn’t have a home and stays where she can under most circumstances. The thing that tripped me out is that girl and I were not much different from one another. We both are intelligent, able and eager to learn whatever we can in order to have a successful life. The only real difference between the girl and I that I could see is that I had an opportunity. gave me that opportunity. The opportunity to learn all the things that I have learned and go all the places I have been. I could have easily been like that girl or half of the girls that graduated from Middle School with me that are now mothers. EOYDC is truly a big part of who I am. I sometimes find myself accidentally answering my home phone as if I am here. Through EOYDC I gave gained many new and wonderful interests.

Unfortunately, due to those interests, my schedule does not comply with that of the homework centers. I really love the children and I hope that we will be able to work out a schedule convenient to all involved. Even if that does not work out , I will make it an obligation to make it down here when possible to volunteer. There are many like me who have been touched by the Center as I have. They might not express it through words but they live what they learn here. That is the important thing. I am just one among many who have been and who will come. I would like to close this letter by saying thank you once more. I truly thank God for blessing me with EOYDC, because through him, it was my saving grace.


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