• Posted on: May 3, 2011

Lamarr Martin

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Hello everyone, my name is Lamarr Martin. I’m 16 years old, and I attend Bishop O’Dowd High School as a Junior. I’m honored to share the experiences I’ve had had here at E.O.Y.D.C. This has helped shape me to be a leader among young people. I first entered the doors of the when I was 14 years old and participated in the Track Program. While attending the program in the evenings, I experienced first hand, the level of the commitment the devoted to the many children and teenagers who came here for a safe environment, opportunities, fun, kinship and connectivity.

With this in mind, I applied for and received a position as a Leader for the Cultural Enrichment 2004. My sense of purpose was enhanced by this experience. I got the opportunity to interact with children from ages 6-13 and gained the experience of working with a team of who dedicated their time and energy to enrich the lives of the children. I now have a new perspective about my life and I owe it to the EOYDC.

Why? Because it has taught me that it’s not all about me, it’s about sharing your time and talents with others. My current GPA is 3.7 and my scholastic goal is to attend a college in Atlanta, Georgia. I want to major in business and go on to law school to become a sports attorney where I will negotiate player contracts, and other legal issues of the players I will be representing. Currently, I am pursuing other positions within the program.

Every new experience will be taken with me as I prepare for a college in Atlanta; and I owe a gratitude of thanks to an organization that has filled me with greater confidence.

Lamarr Martin

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