• Posted on: May 3, 2011

Jasmin Wilcox

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When I first opened the door to the , I opened the door with doubts.

I started the at the EOYDC in early 2003. It was my last stop, I thought. I had messed up in school. I really went to the EOYDC to get my grandparents off my back. I started the GED class with Mr. Rani in 2003, but it wasn’t until Ms. Anana came that I realized I had to focus.

When I finally passed my GED in December 2004, I came back to class to get my hoorahs. It was then that I realized that not only did I get my GED certificate, but I found friends, a teacher, a counselor, and a mentor.

That day I left the EOYDC I closed the door with hope for my .

Thanks to all the staff at the EOYDC, especially Ms. Anana, Ms. , and Ms. Jackie.

Jasmin Wilcox

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