• Posted on: May 3, 2011

Janiece Clark

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Janiece Clark, 16, is a junior at Berkeley High School in Berkeley, California and maintains a 4.0GPA. She came to the as a Youth Leader in the Summer Cultural Enrichment in 2003. She returned this summer and again was hired as a Youth Leader for the same program. In August 2004 she was offered and accepted, a position as the new Computer Technology Assistant/Youth Computer Instructor.

In addition to her school studies and after-school instructor duties, Janiece’s youthful energy allows her to participate in various extracurricular activities. At school, her participation in a allowed her to perform in the Afro-Haitian Dance Performance. In addition she performed in the Homecoming Dance where she and her fellow dancers led the sophomores to victory over the other classes. She is also a part of the Epiphany ’s Choir and the First African Methodist Episcopal Church Mass Choir.

As the Computer Instructor Janiece recalls that she has taken various computer classes and is excited about the fact that she can use what she’s learned to benefit those at EOYDC. “I took classes to learn this stuff in school,” says Janiece, “and I never dreamed that I would be able to teach it to someone else.” Janiece, having worked with many of the youth in the summer program, recognizes the importance of a role model in the life of a child. “I just hope this position will help me to make a difference in a child’s life. There are many things you can learn about computers, and hopefully the classes can help some youth achieve greater things in life.”

Upon graduating, Janiece plans on going to college and major in Design. She also plans to study abroad in Italy for a year. Her long term professional goal is to create a signature line of clothing.

Janiece knows that her success in her current position will be important to the student/instructor that she is, and the professional that she is becoming.

Janiece shown here teaching her young participants the basics of typing during the Youth Computer Class.

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