• Posted on: May 3, 2011

Guadalupe Barocio

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Let me start by introducing myself, well first of all my name is Guadalupe Barocio. I am 20 years old and attend East Bay University. I have followed the footsteps of my two older sisters because they are what I wish to be one day and they are the ones that introduce me to EOYDC. I followed my sister Maria step of being a leader because she always told me about her experience and how much she had learn from it and how fun it was, so I decided to try it out for myself. My older sister Alma has showed me that is a great world of opportunities and that I with the help of my ones and I can go far in life and be someone successful with education.

My journey began in the year of 2006, when I started working as a leader in the here at the EOYDC. Before coming to the center I was a really shy person and didn’t speak much. Throughout my experience at the EOYDC, I grew as a person by feeling and being more comfortable around people and with the things I did. I have learned many great things and one of them is how to be a role model to younger children and how such a small thing can make a big difference in a kid’s life.

Working at the center has better me in so many ways by guiding me through life step by step and what are the consequences if I choose to go a certain road. Working at the has taught me really valuable things such as discipline, professionalism, how to be patient and many more. It has taught me how to deal with certain conflicts and how to solve and when is time to just let it go. I have learned how to answer phones in a professional way, how to take messages, do a thank you letter, and much more.

Have experience many wonderful things here at the throughout the years, the one thing I will always remember is when in 2006, I and the EOYDC participated in the Raiders Half Time Show, it was a really nice experience to me and was really happy that EOYDC had given me the chance to participate in this and how I have met many important people and if how it wasn’t for EOYDC I think I would of never met all the important people I have meet.

My volunteer experience here at the center are wonderful I participated in fundraisers for different occasions, have file papers, tutor, cook food and prepare and many more. I giving back to my and this is a way of showing that I care about it.

My journey has yet not finish is just a beginning to my successful life and will always look back and be proud to say that if it wasn’t for the EOYDC and the help of Ms.Regina, I wouldn’t have done this and be in college. I truly appreciate everything Ms.Regina has done for me, I can never be so thankful.

Guadalupe Barocio

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