• Posted on: May 19, 2011

Jamal B. Cole

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The historical black presented by the Excel Rainbow Push Coalition was a very beneficial tour that made me expand my options for college. When the tour first started I wanted to go back to Oakland, California because I assumed that the tour was going to be long and very boring, due to the fact that I was out numbered with that I did not know from Chicago, Illinois and be on the bus for a whole seven days.

Even though the trip was very long, it was more interesting than I thought it would be, I met a lot of from Chicago, Illinois who appeared to come from urban areas similar to where I reside. The first two colleges that we had went to were Morgan and Howard University. The tour for Morgan State University was very enthusiastic and inspiring , the docent of the tour told about his hardships in his life and how his dreams for was going to waste due to his personal issues. I acknowledge the tour guides commentary about the essence of going to college because it motivated me even more to attend college even though I have hardships overcome. After Morgan State University we were on our way to Howard University in D.C. I also enjoy the tour of Howard due to its good medical and business courses, and of course the tour guide. I like the way Howard University has their campus laid out, it seems like a block by block campus.

The next two colleges that we went to were North Carolina A&T State University and Winston-Salem State University. North Carolina A&T seems like a good college to attend due to its specialties in agriculture and technology. The dean of the college was very informative and serious. When the North Carolina A&T tour was over we drove to Winston-Salem University. I also like this college campus because of it historical brick lay out and the college courses and presentation that they have provide us. The next day we had went to Savanna State University and Fort Valley State University. Although I had appreciated the tour, I found it quite hard for me to develop an interest in their campuses.

On the last day of the tour we had went to Atlanta, Georgia where we visited Atlanta and Morehouse. I really liked both of the campuses, not because they were next door to each other but because of the who put their time and dedication into making a college for black people during times of racism and discrimination. Atlanta and Morehouse University has a live vibe to their campus and at the same time if your classes were full at Morehouse you can go across the street to Clark Atlanta.

At the end of the tour I realized that I am very fortunate to be apart of the Historical Black College Tour, this trip was a very positive and inspirational experience for me and I thank all of those who help paved the way to make this tour last more than a decade.

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