• Posted on: April 29, 2011

Taahira Major

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My Experience on the BCM Trip

When I heard about the BCM trip, I wondered what it would be like to in the woods and put packs on your back and to carry them with everything you need in there.  So I went for it and gave it a shot.  I thought, “I can do this.  It’s just like an oversized book bag walking from school to your house a mile away”.  Well, it was not easy on our second day of hiking.  The bags were so heavy, my back was killing me.  The third day was just more hiking, but we had a day to just chill.  Even though we were just supposed to chill, we hiked up a big, steep mountain.  The view was so beautiful, I could have stayed up there forever.  Even though we were tired to go on any more, we went the extra mile and made the 10,000 ft club.  I was proud of myself and we didn’t have to do it with the packs on our back.  The next day, we took a short cut.  It was hard, but we made it.  We were dirty in all kinds of ways.  We wanted to go home and just turn and go the other way, but we had no choice.  For to get out of there, we had to go through what we had to do.  I learned a lot about nature and how moss always grows north.  I also learned how to tell the direction with our compass.  Swimming in a lake was not that good, the water was too cold.  My experience on this trip also taught me how to survive out in the wilderness.  I had fun and I did a lot of sight seeing.

Taahira Major

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