• Posted on: April 29, 2011

Ivie Arasomwan

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How The BCM Trip Was For Me

Challenging physically and mentally is what I would label this trip. Looking back on the backpacking trip it wasn’t so bad. It was breaking some of the nasty habits that I have developed over the years. This trip made me think about so many things that never crossed my mind before. I had so much time to think about what I want to do and where I want to be in life. It made me see some things in myself that I have never noticed before. During the trip there were some breaking points for me where I wanted to go home so bad. But I had no choice but to stick it through and that is what life is about. Sticking things through that are very difficult and challenging. Sometimes when things are difficult I have a way to escape and this time I couldn’t flee. I was really out of my comfort zone during the trip. Sleeping on the ground, eating oatmeal, and no running showers this was truly a test and I completed it which was most important of all. If someone would have told me what we were going to be doing I probably would have doubted myself but now when I get tasks that are difficult I will think back on this trip and remember how good I did. Some girls on the trip made me really proud they hiked and completed everything which was very important in many ways. It made me look up to them and helped me complete this strenuous journey. The most complex day was day 1. Because I wasn’t used to carrying a pack and I never hiked in my life. So everything was new to me. Inside I was feeling really crappy because the day before I wasn’t doing very well. So I made sure I pushed myself that extra mile to continue on so that I wouldn’t disappoint people. I think what made the trip difficult for me was that expected so much from me that I was scared to make a mistake. Which of course backfired and I was the weak link. But I wouldn’t let that stop me from dong what needed to be done. Day 2 was harder than day 1 for me probably because I expected it to be easier which it wasn’t. Everyone on the hike made it a lot more comfortable and relaxing to deal with. The last hike we did was incredible I didn’t take one break because I was so excited to sleep on a mattress and eat food that I am used to. When we arrived to the Hostel it looked like a million dollars. There was air conditioning, showers, television and bathrooms. At first it seemed surreal I was overwhelmed with joy when I sat on the mattress and used an actual bathroom. When Mark and Christina gave out to everyone it was fun. It felt like we bonded on another level. And when Ms. gave that speech it brought tears to my eyes because I know that our trip brought it. We did our best and never gave up and all the adult volunteers helped in that process.

This trip was an excellent experience for me GOD and everyone on this trip really helped me get through this. I want to thank everyone who was on the trip for making me a better person. I can honestly say that I have grown physically and mentally.

August 17, 2004

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