• Posted on: May 12, 2011

Brent Bell

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BOYS 2010

After going on to Yosemite national park I believe that I have to be more grateful for the things that I take for granted. BCM was the most consistently challenging week of my life; everyday was literally a new experience and adventure. I am used to my parents taking me everywhere, for me, cleaning for me and just doing everything for me. But there were no parents on this trip. So that meant that I had to grow up and take responsibility for myself. To be honest I was really nervous about who my adult leaders were going to be but after those first ice breakers, I felt almost as if we were already good friends going on this trip. There was Andrew, Chance, Dane and Chris. And just as soon as we were getting to know each other’s names we were off on our 6 day journey.

Our first night was kind of a shocker because the last time I set up a tent was when I was a child not to mention sleeping in one. It was hard to fall asleep because I was thinking all night about how easy this backpacking trip could be. I found out quickly that this adventure would not be a cake walk. Between the higher elevation, blazing heat and 40 pound backpack this easy trip quickly became a challenge. But instead of running from it I faced this challenge head on knowing that the benefits of getting to the summit would be very rewarding.  I knew it would take over 3 days to get to the summit of 10,000 feet so from the start I paced myself.  3 days and 4 miles later I found myself looking the most beautiful sight I have ever seen in my life. I probably spent 2 hours looking over Fernandez pass into the valley of Ansell Adams Park making me question the true meaning of beauty.

After that my adventure was all downhill literary. The whole way back I just wanted to enjoy my last days in freedom. Being in nature made me feel easy and free flowing. They only thing I had to worry about out there were staying with group. While out here I always have to worry about something, whether it is homework, friends or parents. The best achievement as a group was definitely walking 3.5 miles back to our starting point in 1 day. As a whole I believe that the whole BCM experience was highly beneficial to me as I start to become a young adult. It taught me that I can do whatever challenge I want to as long as I put my mind to it. This experience gives me the confidence to tackle any situation whether it is 3 miles deep into Yosemite national park or in the urban jungle of I  can do it!

Brent Bell

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