• Posted on: April 26, 2013

People of EOYDC

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Regina Jackson
Regina Jackson, President and CEO. President’s Blog

Selena Wilson
Selena Wilson, Vice President of Organizational Effectiveness

Landon Hill, After School Leadership Academy (A.S.L.A.) Manager

Anana Scott
Anana Scott, Education Empowerment Manager

Alma Barocio
Alma Barocio, Administrative Manager

Miya Forrest
Shemika Skipworth, Finance and Operations Manager

Claude Beverly
Claude Beverly, Facilities Maintenance Manager

Terrico Nicholson
Terrico Nicholson, Wellness Instructor

Trent Robbins
Trent Robbins, Senior Recreational Aide

Sandra Luu
Sandra Luu, Learning and Evaluation Manager

Shay Pratt
Shay Pratt, Pathway to College and Career Coordinator

Sandra Ibarra
Sandra Ibarra, Receptionist

Lucero Molina
Lucero Molina, Administrative Assistant

Brent Bell
Brent Bell, Visual Communications Lead

Tamika West
Tamika West, Youth Advocate

Don Maker
Don Maker, Literacy Instructor

Bobby Arte
Bobby Arte, Drawing and Painting Instructor

Aja Seldon
Aja Seldon, Social Media Coordinator

Cristian Marin
Cristian Marin, Asst. Facilities

Sheila James
Sheila James, Finance and Operations Analyst


Board Members

President and Foundation Liaison: Gerry Dove
Vice President: Terry Blanchard
Secretary: Miranda Wilson
Treasurer: Cheryl Wright
Member: Adante Pointer
Member: Nicole Felix
Member: Keith Dodd
Member: Erin Dangerfield
Member: Miranda Wilson
Member: David Jones
Member: Curshanda Cusseaux Woods
Member: Cheryl Wright
EOYDC President:



The primary responsibility of this Board of Trustees is to increase the EOYDC Foundation corpus through careful oversight of its investment and funding.

Foundation Trustees

President: Daniel Boggan Jr
Vice President: Donald White
Treasurer: Paola Gonzales
Trustee: George Roeth
Trustee: Donald White
Trustee: Aaron Goodwin
Trustee: Susan Muranishi
Trustee: Jim Foley
Trustee: Enitan Adesanya
Trustee: Linda Crayton
Trustee: Bernida Reagan
Trustee: Walter Robinson
Trustee: Carlos Baltodano
Board of Directors President and Foundation Liaison: Gerry Dove

Staff Culture

We declare that, to the best of our ability, we will extol and model for our youth and others the virtues of moral excellence in a way that is professional, success oriented and goal oriented. We fully expect our youth to learn and uphold the value of decency, good character, kindness, self-respect and temperance while showing much love for self and the community. We further declare that as we promote and foster these tenets, we hold ourselves accountable and responsible for the young leaders that are under our influence until they are ready to stand firmly and sufficiently to cultivate and nurture, as they have been nurtured, to live and lead with dignity, compassion and integrity.

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