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“Part Of The Solution” Mural

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This mural was conceived and designed by students from the Youth Training Program (SYETP) and apprentices from the Apprenticeship Program.  The 10 foot mural is located at the front entrance to the Center facing International Blvd (East 14th Street).  The Youth Mural Project was unveiled to the community on August 16, 1995.

We had four apprentices and nine SYETP participants.  The mural reflects what they think are heroes and role models of the and our country.


Apprentices Supervisor: Jamie Morgan
Apprentices Assistant Supervisor: Joel “Phresh” Freeman

Apprentices:  Anaka Brown, Lisa Estrada, Ameer “Hotep” Hooper, Tina Gallegos

SYETP: Shakai Jackson, Anthony De Leon, Arvetta Nelson, Isaac Joseph, Lamar Murphy, Marcus Booker, Terrance Biser, Lamon Johnson, Manasseh Lampley

Mural Heroes

CESAR CHAVEZ The founder and leader of the United Farm Workers.  he organized strikes and marches, and fought to obtain decent wages and better working conditions for farm workers.  A web page with more information about Mr. Cesar Chavez can be found at www.ufw.org

W.E.B. DuBOIS The first to graduate from Harvard University in 1895 with a Ph.D.  he wrote a book on social and economic ethics of the “Negro” in America. A web page with more information about Mr. W. E. B. DuBois can be found at www.newsreel.org/films/webduboi.htm

PHILIP VERACRUZ A Filipino American labor leader who fought alongside Cesar Chavez in the farm workers movement.  A web page with the history of the of the Philippines can be found at www.TatakPinoy.com

CLARA MCBRIDE HALE Owned a house in Philadelphia where she housed children born chemically dependent on drugs.  A web page with more information about Ms. Clara McBride Hale can be found at www.wic.org/bio/chale.htm

JACKIE ROBINSON Both intelligent and courageous, Jackie Robinson was one of the first Lieutenants in World War II.  He was also the first African American to play major league baseball.  A web page with more information about Mr. Jackie Robinson can be found at www.jackierobinson.org

MAYA ANGELOU A great poet and writer.  A web page with more information about Ms. Maya Angelou can be found at www.usa-people-search.com

HANNIBAL A Nubian leader who invaded the Roman Empire on elephants for thirty years.  www.barca.fsnet.co.uk

MAAT The symbol of Maat is what Kemmiu used to represent the seven cardinal virtues of human perfectibility.  www.spiritofmaat.com

OLMEC HEAD One of the series of colossal sized statue heads found throughout Meso and Central America signifying the Olmec civilization. www.mesoweb.com

PYRAMIDS More information on the Mexican pyramids can be found at http://hawk.hama-med.ac.jp/dbk/mexpyramid.html and on the Egyptian pyramids at http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/pyramid/explore/

THE SCARAB BEETLE Symbolizes the resurrection and immortality of God as represented by the sun. a web site with more information on Egyptian scarabs can be found at http://mcclungmuseum.utk.edu/permex/egypt/egs-text.htm

THE MORTUARY TEMPLE OF HATSHEPUT “Zesert-Zosru” (the Holy of Holies) is one of the architectural structures built within the mountain on the West Bank of the City of WO-SE (The Scepter).  Hatsheput was a woman who ruled as regent of Egypt for one year, then as pharaoh for 20 years (from 1504 BC to 1483 BC). More information about Hatsheput and a photo of her tomb/temple can be found at  http://www.angelfire.com/sys/popup_source.shtml?Category=

THE COLONNADE OF IPET-ISUT The most select of places, located in the ancient City of WO-SE.   This was the largest complex ever constructed in Kemet, built up of a series of temples built over a period of nearly 2,000 years. A web site with more information about this site is located at http://www.planetarydialogues.com/who/cairo/karnak.html

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