“One of our proudest achievements is our long-standing relationship with the East Oakland Development Center.  It is a place for young people to go for recreation, job training and other personal and intellectual enrichment.”

James O. Cole Former Vice President,
Government and Relations, The Clorox Company

“We spend so much time talking about and our commitment to the young people within out neighborhoods.  The work that is being by EOYDC reflects the best hope for making the East Oakland Community stronger and more viable for all who live here.”

Daniel Boggan Jr. Chairman
East Oakland Development Foundation

“I am proud of the partnership we share with EOYDC.  The Center has done a tremendous job of connecting with the community.  Confirmation class young adults learned leadership through the summer program.  We look forward to sharing many other activities with EOYDC.”

Father Jay Matthew
St. Benedicts Catholic Church

“I am very thankful for EOYDC, a bright shining beacon light to the of East Oakland.  The Center provides not only hope but tangible strategies for helping our young people rise to greatness.”

J. Alfred Smith Jr. Co-Pastor
Allen Temple Baptist Church

“When the political climate has pushed for cuts in education and recreational activities, and at the same time, increasing budgets for the prison systems, I believe the EOYDC is a model organization in pursuing positive agendas for our children.

The Honorable Barbara Lee
U.S. Congress 9th Congressional District

“Inner city are faced with tremendous obstacles and few opportunities.  EOYDC has been one of the most effective programs in the Oakland area due to their integrated program approach involving counseling, education, mentoring, and job placement services and holistic strategies to problem solving.”

Darien Louie Former Senior Vice President
The United Way

“We feel that EOYDC is the gateway for allowing our to gain more professional experience and organizations like EOYDC are tremendously needed within all communities in which we serve.

Otis Watson Former Vice President
Corporate Community Development
Union Bank of California

“When our classrooms are overcrowded, EOYDC supports Oakland Public Schools by providing skills training in Computer Resources, and the list goes on.  EOYDC is bridging the gap created by our budgetary constraints.

Carolyn M. Getridge Former Superintendent
Oakland Public Schools

“EOYDC actually does that which so many of us give well intended ‘lip service’: Positively impacting the imagination, hopes, aspirations and lives of our precious young people.”

Terrence Johnson Former Regional Manager
United Airlines &
Black Film-makers Hall of Fame

“EOYDC is making a positive investment with the young people in the community.  Shell Oil Company is proud to be partners with EOYDC and play a small part supporting its program.

Clyde Bouligny
Manager Community Relations
Shell Oil Company

“EOYDC has proven how an integrated, comprehensive approach to the whole child can make a real difference in the lives of children, family and communities.

Elihu M. Harris
Former Mayor of Oakland

“As a community based nonprofit agency, the EOYDC provides a wide programs of educational, job training and recreational programs to Oakland youth.  EOYDC programs work to develop young adults with healthy minds and bodies.

Ronald V. Dellums
Former Congressman 9th Congressional District

“We believe that with their emphasis on educating the minds and exercising the bodies, the East Oakland Development Center is right where we want to be.  They are truly making a positive difference in our community.”

Travis Stanley
Executive Vice President
Golden State Warriors

“I believe strongly in building pride in your city, because it’s important to feel good about where you live.  And for people who are struggling here, I think it’s a ray of hope to see successful people from Oakland taking pride in being from here.  EOYDC provides a great avenue to impact lives in East Oakland and beyond.”

Mark Curry

“These days when economic development is among the city’s top priorities, it is great to see the EOYDC preparing to contribute positively to the marketplace in Oakland.”

Ces Butner
Oakland Chamber of Commerce

“Silicon Graphics and EOYDC share a passion for creativity and innovation.  EOYDC’s commitment to youth, technology and community building is evident in their many wonderful programs.  As a partner, Silicon Graphics is proud to share in that commitment and we look forward to future collaborative success.

Je A’nna Hill McCardie
Diversity Initiatives Manager
Silicon Graphics