• Posted on: April 26, 2011

Regina Jackson Featured In Shawn Anderson’s Book

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Going the extra mile is doing more than the normal…more than expected. Going the extra mile is extending ourselves in our efforts and our communication. Going the extra mile is getting back up after we’ve been knocked down, despite whatever has happened, and saying, “I still choose the very best for myself!

The Extra Mile America Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that encourages positive attitude and action by empowering individuals, organizations, and cities to “go the extra mile.” Through public campaigns, speaking engagements, and partnerships with nonprofits, we empower to apply the extra-mile principle, reach their goals, and live a more self-directed life.

View the pages below to see how EOYDC’s Jackson goes the extra mile or order the book at extramileamerica.org

Extra Mile Hero Page 1

Extra Mile Hero Page 2
Extra Mile Hero Page 3

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