• Posted on: December 28, 2021


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On behalf of the East Community Development Center (EOYDC) Community Board, we are delighted to announce that effective December 15, 2021 Selena Wilson will take the helm as our Chief Executive Officer.

Oakland, CA, December 15, 2021 – Selena’s story is a unique one. As a four-year girl she entered the bubble of protection and grew up empowered by its programs and care. She graduated from Castlemont High School, obtained her B.A. at Holy Names University, and then moved further forward, earning her Masters of in Learning and Organizational Change at Northwestern University.

After a successful run as a Management Consultant at Deloitte Consulting’s Chicago office, she returned to her hometown of Oakland. After providing EOYDC with pro bono consulting services for several years, she was hired to head up Organizational Effectiveness at EOYDC. As the Vice President of Organizational Effectiveness for almost 7 years, Wilson leveraged her multifaceted skill set to streamline operations across the organization and enhance effectiveness through evidenced-based practices, with a focus on providing trauma-informed, healing-centered care for systematically marginalized youth.

Interim Board President, Erin Dangerfield states, “ I am delighted to work with Selena Wilson as our new CEO. I am even more proud that she is an alumni of EOYDC, fully understanding the critical responsibility she is accepting for the benefit of our families and the community at large.”

Troy Datcher, East Youth Development Foundation President offered, “I have enjoyed working with Selena over the past year. I find her to be a bright, thoughtful and compassionate leader. I am looking forward to EOYDC’s future under her direction.”

The appointment of Selena Wilson is an exciting turning point for EOYDC after the long-term transition of its prior CEO, Regina Jackson. “It has been a labor of love to mentor Selena over the past 2 decades. She has the skill, the will and determination to move this legacy forward. I feel like a proud mom or aunt. I could not think of a more thoughtful leader to pass the torch to”.

Of this tremendous opportunity to serve her beloved East community, Selena shared that she is “excited, honored, and immensely grateful to the Board for entrusting [her] to steward the 27-year legacy that Ms. Regina Jackson has built.” In her first act as CEO, Selena Wilson is promoting fellow EOYDC alumni and Oakland native, Dr. Landon Hill, to the position of Chief Officer.. Dr. Hill holds a Masters of Arts in Social & Cultural Analysis of from CSU Long Beach and a Doctorate of Education from San Francisco State University.

The appointment of two EOYDC alumni to EOYDC’s Executive Leadership team is a testament to the organization’s ability to develop a pipeline of strong, community-oriented leaders through its cascading mentorship framework.

About the East Youth Development Center (EOYDC)
The mission of the East Youth Development Center (EOYDC) is to develop the social and leadership capacities of youth so that they achieve excellence in education, career, and service to their communities. Our mission is based on solid research which demonstrates that interventions that foster relationships with caring adults, and mastery of technical and social skills, can lead to increased well-being and civic engagement among youth from high-risk environments. For more info: http://www.eoydc.org

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