• Posted on: November 11, 2009

The Importance of Higher Education

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Kory Gibson

The essence of higher education is the ability to thrive for it. Once the vision is perceived the action of pursuit is the next step. It takes patience and perseverance to endure the work ethics ahead, for that reason you must want to be highly educated. The importance behind higher education is the benefit in the long run. It is a vital thing for someone to have it. Once you receive it, then it is irreplaceable. Where I come from, education is discarded as if it doesn’t even matter. Youth have issues receiving it based on the previous years of not having the proper education and being misguided. The lack of education is at a state of emergency and needs to be addressed. A lot of youth my age are first generation college students, and have not had the previous exposure of higher education.

By me receiving this opportunity to become exposed to proper academia, I can become one less statistic. It is truly a struggle when you are trying to do the right thing and strive for better, opposed to taking the easy road and doing bad. With that being said, I’m ready to accept the challenge and further my education to the greatest potential. To utilize my skills and perfect my talents is the ultimate goal, and to obtain the highest degree possible which is a PhD.

Lastly, with being highly educated you have the benefit of communicating on an intellectual level. The ability to network and establish a foundation will be more concrete and beneficial. It takes a well grounded individual to reach this goal and aspire to do well. The constant growth is endless and pertinent to ones development. Grasping the essence of the lesson takes a thirsty individual who is willing to accept the long road to the water. In the end, accept the good with the bad but, by, believing and having faith is the ultimate foundation of the path that you lay for yourself.

Kory Gibson

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