• Posted on: December 11, 2008

A Moment in Time

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Jasmine Williams

A moment in time I will never forget. Going on this was a one time chance. I have been on some college tours before, but none like this. We were all like a traveling through Boston and living in Rhode Island. Going on this college tour was a really good experience. We went to Boston’s Berkeley School of Music, Boston State University, Harvard, and Brown University. I have never even dreamed about seeing any of these schools; I still can’t believe I had the chance to. This trip also opened my eyes and my mind to life without my sister. This was the first time we had really been apart, but it wasn’t so bad. I did hate it at first, but being around people who care for me like she does made it seem like she was there the whole time.

My sister not being there just made me happy to come back to tell her all about what I saw and did. The very first day everyone was a little tired after the plane ride, but we got over that fast as soon as we hit the streets of Boston in our rental car packed to the ceiling (literally). We stayed in Rhode Island at the Marriot Hotel and had so much fun there. Narea, Christina and I named the elevators because I am terrified of elevators. Naming the elevators made me more relaxed getting in them. I know it’s pretty funny right? Well, the names were Betty and Sara. This was so fun, but was just a part of our trip.

We traveled to Boston to see Berklee College of and Boston and Harvard Universities. All of these schools were amazing and everyone walking the streets was different in their own special ways. The first school, Berklee College of Music was great; I loved the freedom I saw. It seemed like everyone was all about their music and knew what they were going to do. The best thing about visiting this college was that Christina, who was on the trip with us, wowed everybody that was in the lobby when she sang “One Night Only” from Dream Girls. It was beautiful; everyone was like “wow you can sing”. It was great, I loved it and all of us congratulated her. We also got to see one of their school showcases it was great. We saw girls and boys sing in their first showcase ever. Some were seniors leaving the school and some were underclassmen coming in for the very first time. It was a moment in time I will never forget.

Similar to the way I felt when we went to see Boston University the college was real laid back and spread out it was like its own city. We saw everything including the school’s beach, well not exactly a beach, its more like a place where everyone pretends it’s a beach. It’s pretty cool. This university was very open and somewhat diverse. I liked the feeling of college life there. We also got to see their choir sing in a church. It was fun because we knew a lot of people in the choir and it was fun seeing them perform again. We also had a chance to enjoy their voices when they visited E.O.Y.D.C. in February. Seeing them sing was great.

Harvard wow, you hear a lot about this Ivy League school but you never really think about visiting the campus. It was very interesting; they told us all about the history of the school. I enjoyed very much seeing this campus I had worked up so many thoughts about Harvard and most of them were met. Harvard was very prestigious. I couldn’t believe the amazing campus it was beautiful, and the stories were so awesome I couldn’t believe my ears. My most favorite story was the one about why the sidewalks were not level. Way back when I forget the year Harvard because of no heat in the winter would heat up cannon balls for warmth and instead of taking them down stairs they would throw them right out the window. I thought that was the craziest thing I had ever heard.

The last college we visited was Brown University. This was in Providence, Rhode Island. I liked the tour of this college the most because we actually got to talk to attending the college, thanks to our E.O.Y.D.C. alumni/tourist guide, Brittany Harris. She showed us everything and told us everything about the school. We had first hand information from her and four other people we met through her on campus. I loved it. We talked to everyone and it seemed like it was exciting.

Well don’t get me wrong touring the colleges was very entertaining but the most fun things we did were just hang out and compete with the boys. The girls won because we were better. Nnamdi , Adarious, Genesis, and Church going back and forth  wasn’t such a good team, but Christina, Narea, and I were on point and Ms. although she never really took a side was with the girls team. The funniest thing we did to the boys was burn them by turning the heater on full blast and making them sweat. It was hilarious! I loved every part of it.

In conclusion, if I could do all of this over again I definitely would. This was the most fun I have had in a long time. It was the break I needed. I loved the experience and there will never ever be a time that I will forget my trip to Boston. Being with Nnamdi and everyone just made it that much better. Nnamdi, although he and I fought a lot because of the competition we had with the boys, was really nice and genuine. He was one of a kind and he made the trip all that much better.

Jasmine Williams

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