Building Character to Build Communities.

Our Mission and Vision

EOYDC develops the social and leadership capacities of and young adults (ages 6 – 24) so that they are prepared for employment, higher education, and leadership opportunities.

The mission of the East Oakland Development Center (EOYDC) is to develop the social and leadership capacities of youth so that they achieve excellence in education, career, and service to their communities. Our mission is based on solid research which demonstrates that interventions that foster relationships with caring adults, and mastery of technical and social skills, can lead to increased well-being and civic engagement among youth from high risk environments.

We strive to incorporate as well, the supports and opportunities of relationship building, and community involvement and skill building. The EOYDC strives to lessen the risk factors faced by our youth and enhance the protective factors.  The EOYDC fulfills this mission by offering educational, cultural, artistic expression and recreation programs that meet the holistic needs of the individual.

The four core programs that characterize the EOYDC’s purpose are Art, Education, Jobs and Wellness. These departments are structured in such a way that encourages to become self-sufficient and responsible members of their community. Of primary concern at the EOYDC is teaching youth to embrace their unique cultures and to live and work responsibly and cooperatively with other communities.

The EOYDC recognizes that many of the and their families who participate in its programs often face barriers to participating fully in their community. The EOYDC further recognizes that individuals must be given an opportunity to learn marketable skills, attain a basic and participate in motivating and inspiring activities. The EOYDC believes that self-empowerment comes through work experience and educational opportunities.

The EOYDC is committed to forging new relationships with community, business and government to enhance the opportunities available for the of Oakland today in order to train them to become Oakland’s leaders tomorrow.


EOYDC visualizes a community of empowered and young adults with the character skills and network to positively contribute to society.