Youth Leadership Training

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    Day One:

    The Leaders started their training by doing a few icebreakers. They played the couple game (matching celebrity couples) in order to interact and learn some things about each other. They also played games that tested their speed and knowledge of geography and pop in order to get them to begin to work together in groups. They also did exercises on sexual harassment and conflict management after review basic roles and responsibilities.

    Day Two:

    The second day of Leader Training was a little more structured. The created personalized budgets for their projected earnings this summer. They also separated into two groups (by gender) and had discussion groups with the year-round staff surrounding expected behavior and tips to help the be as sucessful as it can be. The day finished with the Youth Leaders receiving their business cards for the summer.

    Day Three:

    The last day of training consisted of an overview of any information not included on the previous days. Then the Leaders had First Aid Certification. The SCEP Staff then went bowling as a bonding experience for them to get to know each other more before the program started. The were able to enjoy themselves in each others company, as a final step before the program started.

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