• Posted on: May 13, 2011

Youth Leader’s Parents

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Youth Leaders often come into the one way, and leave completely changed. The Summer Program can be such a growing process expanding one’s perspective, knowledge, maturity and compassion. Some of the people who have the best insight as to the effect the Summer Program has on the Youth Leaders parents. They have the opportunity to see them grow and change in ways that only a parent can recognize. The following are some of the comments we have received from the parent of the Youth Leaders.

“This was a great experience for Danielle. She has experienced the work force and it will help her in the future. Danielle has grown a little more with this work experience, she has learned to handle and save her money. Thank you for giving her a chance to be a part of the wonderful program.”
-Ken Jones

“Marcus has shown a commitment and excitement about being a youth leader. He has prepared daily (and nightly) to be ready to go to work, refusing to be absent or late. This has shown independence and responsibility. He has consistently awakened early, and on his own-amazing! Thanks and the staff for your great guidance, commitment, and dedication. You have a great program, not only as a job but also offering leadership skills and job ethics for the kids. I greatly appreciate you. Thank you very much.”
-Juleah Spencer

“Thank you very much for all you have done for my son Ibn in his life so far. I do know the best is yet to come!!!”
-Mona Porter

“He’s actually having fun (as much or more than playing basketball). He willingly does whatever is requested by the program. He gets himself up in the morning, makes sure vocabulary words and assignments are done on time, no matter how late he has to stay up. He looks forward to going there! On Fridays, he says he can’t wait for Monday! He enjoys the activities, field trips, etc. He’s always been responsible, but the difference is how much fun he seems to be having.”
-Karen Hill

“Lamarr has more of a positive attitude towards others. Being with the children has helped him form a great bond with his own sisters. This has been really great… EOYDC has been great for my son, teaching and helping him with life goals. Thank you for loving and helping me raise a strong and positive black, young man.”
-Myra Jones

“The positive change that I have seen in Maria is her vocabulary. She talks to me as if she was a very professional person and I think this is going to help her for college. The comments I have heard from Maria are that she is really pleased to be working with all of the staff as well as the children… Thank you for all that you have given my daughter, especially all the happy moments.”
-Alma Barocio

“Our daughter has displayed an increased level of responsibility and concern for the youth in her community. Janiece has also become more self-motivated and giving of her time to EOYDC and the needs of the young people she works with. I’ve heard her comment on the needs the fills in the community. I’ve also heard her praise Ms. for giving her the opportunity to be a part of the and how much time, love, and effort Ms. Jackson puts into the program and the youth… The EOYDC is the hardest working program truly in ‘the heart’ of the community. They deserve more funding, support, and appreciation. The program has truly been a blessing to my daughter and because of it, I’m sure she will give back in the same fashion to EOYDC.”
– Milan Drake

“She seems more motivated and happy since she started, looks forward to work each day, which is a good thing. She likes working with the kids, and thinks that the there is really good the way it’s structured with the different activities for the kids. She enjoys each and every day… We are happy that Darneisha was accepted to EOYDC for a second year and we look forward to her working there each year.”
-Wandolyn Tutwiler

“Brittany Jones is always happy to come to work. She talks about the kids and the all the time. She loves her job, and Ms. Regina, who is very impressed with her. She says she loves going to work and working with the children. I would love to see Brittany involved in a year round program. The E.O.Y.D.C has motivated her in so many ways. She seems to be more motivated to get her education. Brittany talks about college and what she wants do with her life. This experience has been nothing but positive for Brittany.”
-Evelyn Jones

“Geneva has become excited and confident about teaching and caring for the children which has given her a deeper appreciation for learning, a contagious positive attitude, and an eagerness to get to work on time”

“Excellent program! Great for the children and the staff. Good opportunity for the teen to be productive and earn money at an early age.”

“I’ve watched my son mature over the last two summers due to his working at the center. He now values an honest day of work and sense of accomplishment.”

“My son has developed an appreciation for hard work and earned income. His sense of responsibility has
increased as well.”

“Rewarding, fun, great opportunity to be a leader; Great children, looking forward to next year to work as an Instructor. Really cares about the children in the program”

“Ashlee has enjoyed her experience this and looks forward to working throughout the year for many years to come,”

“ My daughter has become more responsible and more active since she begun working at East Oakland Youth Development Center.”

“Thank you EOYDC for your role in growing my son. I think the center has value beyond measure for all the participants”

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