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    Every day the watch transformations of young people from careless to thoughtful, from spontaneous to planners, understanding the consequence of their actions and the importance of preventive behavior.  We are all so proud to view success and true leadership in action on so many levels in our young people. Also, to the Friends of the EOYDC, we the staff thank you for your continued support in the day by day transformation of young people – our most precious resource!

    Since this is a summer leadership program, we felt that it would be appropriate to have youth engaged in all aspects of the program. We have added four new classes: Fashion, Spanish, Dance and Music. A list of available classes can be found below. All classes are taught entirely by youth instructors!


    Students create murals using paint and water balloons Students learn how to do urban art using block letters and watercolors Students use clay to create small pieces of sculpture


    Students create newsletters documenting events at Students learned how to take pictures using digital cameras The 12-13 year olds created a slideshow presentation documenting classes and presentations that occurred during the course of the S.C.E.P.


    Students learned about basic kitchen tools and kitchen safety Students learn to create various types of easy to prepare snacks Students learn how to cook a style meal

    Creative Writing:

    Students work on their public speaking skills through role play exercises Students write compositions detailing their experiences in the SCEP. Students create acrostic poems


    Students are involved in daily exercises in order to stay physically fit Students are taught dances and helped to choreograph dances that were performed at the Parent Night/Talent Show


    Students will learn to role play basic feelings through skits Students will learn basic concepts of drama on stage, overcoming fears and peer pressure Students learn to become the character, forget about life and problems while you’re in character


    Students  learn the three basic rules of engineering:  know your product, know your consumer and be able to recognize your problem and find the solution Students learn how to think out of the box and not only to know one solution but multiple solutions to the problem Students also learn the basic laws of physics such as gravity Inertia and Friction


    Students learn to express themselves though style and dress Students are able to design and create their own t-shirts

    Life Skills:

    Students learn the six pillars of character Students learn to promote anti-violence through active engagement, mock conflict resolution Students learn about healthy relationships, hygiene issues and effective communications re: abuse


    Students  will learn math concepts (adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing) Students will learn basic financial literacy


    Students are exposed to various instruments such as the piano, drums, and steel pans Students are taught choral music arrangements of popular songs

    Health and Wellness:

    Students learn about team work and cooperation Students are able to get exercise through participation in various games Students learn the value and concept of good sportsmanship


    Students learn about the digestive system Students learn about the body (bones, muscles etc) Students learn about polymorphism Students play memory games based upon what they learn


    Students learn basic components of conversational Spanish Students are exposed to numerous vocabulary words in the Spanish language

    2017 Summer Cultural Enrichment Program Participation/Registration Form

    2017 Summer Cultural Enrichment Program Parent FAQs

    Para asistencia en Español, llama 510.569.8088 o email

    ABOUT S.C.E.P.

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