Bart Riders – Your tiny tickets could mean big money for EOYDC!

We all have them. Those extra BART tickets with five or ten cents left in them, gathering dust on your nightstand or always falling out of our wallets. Some of us have had them for years. Rather than just collecting them or throwing them away, you can use them to support EOYDC!

EOYDC recently joined the Easy Bay Community Foundation’s Tiny Tickets Program. This program allows BART riders to dispose of their low-value tickets while supporting their favorite community organization. Just mail us your tickets, and we’ll do the rest. 100% of the value of the tickets collected goes to support EOYDC.

Please mail your BART tickets to:

East Oakland Youth Development Center

ATTN: Alma Barocio, Tiny Tickets Program
8200 International Blvd.
Oakland, CA 9462

If you would lke an acknowledgement for your tiny ticket donation, please also include your name and address.