• Posted on: September 28, 2017

UCBerkeley, RTI International and EOYDC Selected for National Leadership Program Interdisciplinary Research Leaders

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There is no more powerful partnership than that which pairs  the research of experts with the experiences of those on the front line. Actively researching positive avenues to create change  empowers the environment to make shifts toward establishing a more healthy culture.

Dr. Kris Madsen, Associate Professor at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health, Dr. W. Graham, Senior Director of the Drugs, Violence and Delinquency Prevention Program at RTI International and our own Regina Jackson, are among 15 teams nationally selected as Interdisciplinary Research Leaders, a leadership development program led by the University of Minnesota with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  The team of Madsen, Graham and Jackson will join a diverse group of researchers and leaders located nationwide, to collaborate, learn, share and innovate while addressing persistent health challenges.  Fellows are addressing one of two special focuses: Violence Prevention and Cultures of Health.

Specifically,  Madsen, Graham and Jackson will determine if an integrated training curriculum for urban youth can increases acquisition of human (i.e. knowledge and skills) and social (i.e. access to people and networks) capital when participating in a summer program.  Summer, a critical period for urban youth, can be a time for gaining skills or for losing ground, depending on what activities youth have available to them and ultimately engage in. Working closely with the City of Oakland, the team will seek input from youth, employers and organizations to adapt EOYDC’s training curriculum for wide-spread use and study its impact on youth’s and employers’ experiences with jobs programs.   

“The Interdisciplinary Research Fellowship experience is an extraordinary opportunity for a partner like EOYDC to leverage our existing expertise in the arena of social and leadership capacity building. Working alongside public health experts and  leaders in the Drugs and Delinquency prevention arena will raise the potency of our insight exponentially which will in turn magnify the impact of each group in their respective fields, addressing  the traps and vulnerabilities of in the town.  This research will use youth as subject matter experts of their own experience to inform. We will also benefit from evidence-based interventions in order to address the upstream factors for youth violence in Oakland” -Regina Jackson.

Additional information is available at http://www.interdisciplinaryresearch-leaders.org.

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