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Think China 2013 Published On the People’s Republic of China Government Site

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“Experience China” in Sino- exchange participants visited Beijing Reisen hope community.


EOYDC's Think China 2013 Delegation in China!

EOYDC’s 2013 Delegation in China!


(This article was originally published at http://www.gov.cn/jrzg/2013-07/22/content_2452278.htm )

July 21, after the Beijing opening of the English corner seep communities, children and foreign exchange students and teachers and a photo with the North. Day, “Experience China” in Sino-US exchange participants visited Beijing seep hope the community, and the community’s children sharing and community English horn opening. “Experience China” Sino-US exchange program, jointly organized by the Beijing Foreign Studies University, China-US Exchange Foundation, 13 American high school students from Northern California delegation will participate in the 12-day exchange activities, lectures by China’s national conditions, community research, and China Student seminars and other activities feelings of Chinese and customs. Xinhua Agency

(Ma Pingshe)

    July 21, participants delegation of Northern California and Beijing seep communities kids want to play games. Xinhua Agency (Ma Pingshe)

    July 21, participants delegation in Beijing Reisen Northern California communities with the kids want to communicate. Xinhua Agency (Ma Pingshe)

    July 21, the delegation led by Northern California teacher (right) and Beijing seep want kids to interact with the community. Xinhua Agency (Ma Pingshe)

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