• Posted on: December 23, 2016

Apple’s iPads Open Up New Worlds For Oakland Youth

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On a sunny morning, kids bounce in their chairs and rock their heads rhythmically to infectious beats their classmates are mixing on GarageBand software.

“Give her a thumbs up for her beat,” exhorts instructor Jeffrei Pettaway and an enthusiastic sea of hands juts into the air.

For many in this classroom, this is the first time they have touched an iPad. This six-week, hands-on summer class exposes kids ages 7 to 12 to — and the 21st century skills that come with it.

With a few swipes, the tablets on the tables in front of them — a gift from technology giant Apple — open up worlds miles away from this hardened stretch of , Calif. The kids have ventured on virtual scavenger hunts in Africa and researched what life is like in India, each project making them more familiar and at ease with the software that is transporting them.

“This is bringing a whole new world inside their backyard in a way that’s safe for them to explore,” Regina Jackson says as she watches the students absorb the morning lessons.

Jackson is president of the East Oakland Development Center. Equal parts sanctuary and springboard, it was founded nearly four decades ago by former CEO Robert Shetterly to lift the fortunes of a neighborhood overburdened by sky-high rates of poverty, crime and violence.

Of the students in this class, about 90% qualify for free lunch and live within blocks of the center. They come here for rare access to opportunity in the form of free after-school tutoring, college preparation courses, music and arts lessons, health and wellness education programs and the hardwood that such  greats as Gary Payton and once played on.

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