Tiarra Matthews

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    My name is Tiarra and I am seventeen years old. Honestly, I always liked school, but for the wrong reasons. I went to school to hang out and have fun. I wish I knew then what I know now. I never skipped class, but while I was there I was always more interested in what was going on in the hallways.

    I don’t know what really made me stop going to school. I thought I had better things to do with my time. I wasn’t getting good grades at all in high school. I repeated the ninth grade and around November I stopped going. I really didn’t realize that I had dropped out; I always said I was going to go, but the days kept passing by. I know how important my education is and I think people should learn something every day, academically or even scientifically.

    Now that I’ve come to EOYDC I know that school and fun don’t go together. You have to go to school and really do it, not entertain yourself. In my years I to do school while I’m at school and do “me” after school. Of course, you’ll meet people there and I hope to meet lots of wonderful people. I will socialize with them after school, not in class.

    Ms. Anana taught me a lot about school and life. I’m not going to forget anything she told me about and how to treat myself. I hope she doesn’t forget me either. Ms. Jackie, Ms. Regina, Ms. , the ladies at the front desk and of course the computer guy, thank you everybody at the . I won’t forget what you’ve taught me.

    Tiarra Matthews
    2010 GED Graduate

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